The Dark Warlock trilogy

The Lands of Phrey - The Dark Warlock Trilogy

The lands of Phrey have been at peace for over three hundred years, since the end of the Dark Overlord’s oppressive reign. His mountaintop fortress has long since been abandoned, as have the numerous outposts which are scattered across the lands. Left to rot, these legacies of old are now nothing more than stories handed down through time.

It is said that the Dark Overlord accumulated more wealth during his reign, than had been generated in the countless ages before. But, as for where this wealth went, no one knows, not even the Dakin monks, who are the most knowledgeable of all.

During the lengthy war against the Dark Overlord, most of the Elven woods were torched and the Phreyan capital city of Hydrax was destroyed. But it was the Dwarves who perhaps suffered the worst fate of all; the bulk of their population was sealed inside their hillside caves by forces beyond comprehension, and never heard from again.

Over the years the reclusive Elves slowly returned to their remaining woodlands, where they replanted great forests from which few venture back out. A single city, Oakwood, remains as a stark reminder of their commitment to the old alliance which toppled the Overlord. These days, this city has as many Phreyans as Elves who call it home; but it is becoming a difficult time to be an Elf in Oakwood. Years of peace have allowed old rivalries to resurface across the lands; many Phreyans scorn the Elves for their long lifespans, towering intellect, and superior strength. Some go as far as to demand the Elves leave the lands of Phrey altogether. The King’s armies do nothing to quell this division and seem to support the open persecution against the Elves by turning a blind eye to muggings and robberies where Elves are the victims.

Search parties looking for the Kelronthor Dwarves have yet to find any indication that they survived, or indeed any sign of their fabled underground cities. The few Dwarves who were above ground when the cities were lost were those in the armies of the Phrey. Once peace settled across the lands, the surviving Dwarves were shunned by Phreyans and Elves alike. It is rumored that a few settlements existed on the periphery for a while, but even these fabled towns remain undiscovered. It is this world which Hawk, a young adventurous man, travels with his friends. Together with Dazza, Argyle, Sparks, and Mirus, they explore the legacies of the old world. Following old folk tales, they discover great dangers, and treasures, as they unlock the mystery surround the Dark Overlord’s reign and lost treasure.